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Trend Report: The Colors You’ll Love This Year

It’s time again! The Color Trends Report for 2021 is out and ready to meet all your decorating needs. Here, color expert Tash Bradley reveals her trend predictions for the coming year. Excited? We, too.


1. Beige is back

You have read correctly. After a decade of disregarding this neutral color, we’ll want it on our walls again. “The 2021 color trends are all grounded, in both senses of the word,” says Tash. “We will be looking for the comfort and stability of timeless colors that won’t overwhelm us if we stare at them all day. And beige, like its close relatives, stone and warm white, represents exactly that.


2. We go with nature

Our biggest color inspiration for the coming year? Nature. “A lot of the colors that we will be bringing into our homes in 2021 will be inspired by the countryside,” says Tash. “Take the color blue, for example. As the world’s favorite color, it will always exist in one form or another, but we are moving away from the strong cobalt and away from the subdued blues of the sky and ocean – shades that give the feeling of like you’re taking a deep breath and keep your mind sharp.


3. Green is the new gray

Want a little more “color”? So let’s go green. “Green is synonymous with health, happiness and nature, a lot of which we aspire to this year. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile – it can be used as a background color almost as a background color. neutral or as a bold style statement. Either way, green will be everywhere next year, displacing gray as an all-round more luxurious color. I have a hunch that thanks to its gentle character, it will go on many bedroom walls.


4. Red takes a break…

“Red is very stimulating. It’s nice that people are still out most of the day, as it’s a great shade to return home, but that’s not what people crave right now; when you’re at home a lot, you don’t want to feel “on” all the time.


5. Ready for a new nostalgia

 “One thing I’ve noticed is that many of my clients now look back to their own childhoods for color inspiration, wanting to bring back the nuances they first experienced in their parents or grandparents. .” Why do we look to the past for ideas? “Familiarity and predictability are just one aspect,” says Tash. “But I also like to think of this trend as upgrade ideas. You may have re-upholstered your grandma’s old armchair and in 2021, you’ll upgrade her color palette, too.


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