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How To Make Your Living Room  More User-Friendly

Watching films, spending time with friends, chilling with the family – the living room’s the heart of the home, and the place we spend most time socialising. Need a hand making it feel more welcoming? Read on for our tips on creating the ultimate hangout spot.

1. Create intimacy 

Make sure your seating options work for everyone. Start with the couch. The best is the modular design, as you can customize the size and shape to fit your space and needs. Next, add some armchairs if you can fit them. Otherwise, carry bags are a great option here as they take up much less space. Finally, create a highlight with a coffee table.  

 2. Just add soft stuff 

 A welcoming space is a cozy space, so add an extra layer of warmth by decorating your couches and chairs with plenty of plush cushions and cushions. We know we shouldn’t have favorites, but we do have a light spot for the Bagley – it’s super comfortable and comes in three different colors. Just make sure  you have enough blankets for everyone – you can always store spares in the storage basket when not in use. 

3. Good Lighting Day  

Creating a warm and welcoming light is key to a social space. If you’re hosting friends  in the evening, turn off ceiling lights instead of wall and table lamps. And you can’t go wrong with a few candles – they will help create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. 

4. Be personal 

Are you a travel fanatic? Do you like to draw? Music more than your thing? Whatever you do, show your interest and create a focal point by decorating empty walls with art. It will add personality to your space and help  guests  get to know you better. 

5. Raise a glass 

Even  movie night with your family can feel like an occasion if you set this up. Don’t believe us? This books will make any midweek calm sessions more sophisticated. And there you have it – your very own me-time.


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