Whisk Pastel

Use this color scheme to make spaces look comforting, light and to give soothing tones of spring.

Neutral yet colourful; – attributes that inspired our ‘’Whisk Pastel” collection. Pastel colors are pale, softer version of the color palette. These colors have rediscovered appeal in interior design. Pastel colored soft furnishings teamed with dark furniture make for a powerful and chic design statement. Upholstery coupled with hints of pastel florals, stripes, and plains add a sense of airiness to a space. Pastel blues in bedrooms with neutral tones like grey can create a relaxing room.

adding these colors to spaces with more dominant colors and patterns. With strategic juxtapositions, pastel colors can be the perfect scheme to create a muted, neutral look. Pastel pink or sage green fabrics on accent chairs or as drapes can create a vintage vibe when combined with wooden furniture and neutral backdrops. Pastel colored cushions, throws and accents are perfect elements to balance and brighten up a space.