Suave Purple

Use this color scheme to make a space look sophisticated, charming and soothing.

Pure luxury and royalty are the inspiration behind our ‘’Suave Purple’’ collection. From Crimson to Violet; all rich and deep shades are commonly referred to as purple, and our collection inhabits the majority of these shades. An intense colour, that works well for plain designs when used as accents or on soft furnishings

Light purple shades on curtains with darker purple tones on upholstery with neutral tones on rest of the décor make for a classic, opulent color scheme for interiors. It can create a glamorous look when combined with darker tones; a purple velvet couch in a black setting and wooden furniture would be an ideal color scheme for modern interiors. Coordinate an entire look with a purple color palette or use it as accents; this hue is here to make a design statement.