Blended Mustard

Use this color scheme to make a space look vibrant, abundant, inviting and bold all at the same time.

Our “Blended mustard’’ collection embraces the interest that this autumn hue creates in any design space. It is a version of yellow and gold that perfectly balances pop with calm, bright with cool, sophistication with chic, modern with classic and risky with attractive. It’s the accent color that every design needs to make a space look enticing. Mustard colored upholstery over a neutral color scheme makes up for a smart and engaging element in any area

A color that fits perfectly from a minimalist to a maximalist design approach. Mustard colored plain curtains or patterned with mustard color as a focal point can revive a space without making significant changes to an existing design. Throw a mustard color pattern cushion over cooler colors like grey or blue to lend a glamorous and edgy look to any design style.