Ivory Mesh

Use this colour scheme to make spaces look luxurious, calm and fresh.

Classic. Timeless. Elegant. Versatile.

Attributes that inspired our ‘’Ivory Mesh’’ collection. From pastel tones, bright shades to dark shades; Ivory is a color that fits well in any design theme and complements every accent in a design. Ivory creates a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere while simultaneously leaving enough room to experiment with décor elements like furniture, window decoration, upholstery, and accent pieces

When compared to beige, ivory is a color that can liven up any space by itself. An Ivory couch with floral pastel prints can make for an amazing, refreshing scheme. Similarly, Ivory hues with dark interiors and soft furnishings can bring airiness to the space. Ivory is a color that has the maturity to transcend any space into a promising style.