Green Lush

Add hue of this color to any space to give it positive vibes, add balance and to make a design harmonious.

Our “Green Lush” collection is the easiest of all the colors to decorate with. It’s a natural color that coordinates with any other color without much difficulty. From Light green, olive greens to deep greens; this is one color palette that can give a soothing environment to a design space. A simple green couch with a neutral tone evokes refreshing feeling while a deep green sofa with dark-colored backdrop makes for a fantastic statement design style. It is a color that cannot be out of place in any color scheme. A warm shade of Olive green on Large Window dressings adds drama to the space giving it a cozy feeling.

Mint green color on cushions, headboards or any other part of a living room can add a hint of cheerfulness and freshness. Teal greens make for a very sophisticated choice in interiors. Greens can work well as a monochromatic scheme as well as in different color schemes and still make any space look beautiful and fresh.