Ensign Blue

Use this color scheme to make an attractive, chic, sophisticated, subtle and refreshing space.

Blue is another color after neutral tones that fit all shapes and sizes. Our ‘’Ensign Blue’’ collection offers patterns for every mood and style. Subtle, lighter hues of blue on upholstery can create an ideal environment for a classic sitting room. Darker blues with warmer tones like rust on soft furnishings create an eye-catchy setting for a warm and cozy space. Shades of teal, sky blue and other lighter hues of blue, when used with creams and whites, maintain the airy, intimate feeling of any space.

Aqua toned drapes and upholstery with sand color furniture make for a color scheme that evokes refreshing, beachy, coastal feeling when used in any design style. This timeless classic tone has a personality that can transition drama to calm and still maintain its inviting vibe without creating any disturbance in design.